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Jamie A – Long-Haired Brunette Teases In Black Lingerie, Stockings and Nylon Pantyhose

Long Haired Brunette Jamie stripteases in black lingerie and stockings, layered over sheer nylon pantyhose in her latest photo-set at Layered-Nylons. Jamie reclined on the white sofa and gave a big smile as she lifted up her legs in their black nylon hosiery. She crossed her ankles to show her French designer shoes, the ones […]

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Summer – Busty Blonde Stripteases Outdoors In Her Lingerie, Stockings and Pantyhose Layers (Video)

A few months ago and ventured out into the countryside on a bright sunny day to video busty blonde babe Summer stripteasing in a field. Summer moved sensually, snaking her hips and sliding her hands over her body through the material of her orange dress that clung to her figure. She lifted the dress around […]

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Holly Gibbons – Busty Blonde Stripteases In Lingerie, Stockings and Tan Nylon Pantyhose

Busty Blonde Holly Gibbons strips off her summer frock and teases in her lingerie, turquoise blue stockings under tan sheer nylon pantyhose in her latest photo-set. Holly lay on the satin bedsheets, the back of her floral dress pulled up to reveal her ass sheathed in tan nylon pantyhose. Black suspenders, attached to blue stockings, […]

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Jo E – Cute Redhead Poses Topless In Lingerie, Stockings and Sheer Nylon Pantyhose

Cute redhead Jo E performs a sexy striptease in the bedroom and teases in a blue satin suspender-belt, black stockings and a layer of tan nylon pantyhose in her latest photo-set. Jo sat on the bed and opened her legs to give us a teasing view under her skirt at the beige-tan gusset stretched over […]

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Victoria S – Blonde Teases In Black Seamed Nylon Pantyhose, Suspenders and Stockings

Busty blonde Victoria posed in her tight-fitting long-sleeved dress which revealed a bit of cleavage in the the low plunge open neckline. Kneeling on the sofa, she pulled up the back of her dress and gave a view of her shapely round butt encased in black seamed pantyhose. Her ass bound in black suspenders, pulled […]

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Porchia W – Gorgeous Blonde Stripteases in Black Pantyhose, Suspenders and Stockings

Gorgeous blonde Porchia posed in a sleeveless black top and short denim skirt, a tantalizing glimpse of her thighs in suspenders and stockings visible under her black sheer nylon pantyhose. Standing by the bed, Porchia looked back as us as she bent right over and her black suspenders strained on the tops of her brown […]

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Georgina – Long Haired Secretary Stripteases In Suspenders, Stockings and Pantyhose (Video)

Long haired secretary Georgina stripteases and poses topless in her lingerie and beige-tan pantyhose layers in her latest video at Layered-Nylons. Georgina posed in her outfit – crisp lilac shirt and smart grey pencil skirt – her hand on her hips as she turned and stood in her stiletto heels. Reclining on the sofa, she […]

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Nikolart – Long Haired Brunette Teasing In Black Stockings, Nylon Pantyhose and Stiletto Heels

Long haired brunette Nikolart showed off her svelte figure in a close fitting long-sleeved dress which opened in front of her thighs and gave a tantalizing view of her black stocking tops. Drawing aside the front of the dress revealed dark blue suspenders attached to stockings, worn under a layer of black, sheer nylon pantyhose. […]

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Melanie – Sexy Blonde Secretary Posing Topless In Lingerie, Stockings and Pantyhose Layers

Blonde secretary Melanie stood by the desk, adjusted her glasses and looked over the rim while posing in her sexy office wear – pink shirt and short black skirt – showing off her fabulous legs in their nylon hosiery and sexy stiletto heels. Melanie walked over to the filing cabinet and squatted and opened the […]

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Carla – Busty Carla Stripteases In Stockings and Pantyhose Layers (Video)

‘Hi guys, I’ve just got home and am ready for bed, but I thought I would have a bit of fun first,’ said Carla, standing by the bed showing off her fabulous curves in her close fitting polka dot dress. ‘Maybe you could come and join me in bed, would you like that?’ She said […]

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