Zuzannah – Hot Brunette Teasing In Black Pantyhose, Suspenders and Blue Stockings

Hot Brunette Teasing In Black Pantyhose, Suspenders and Blue Stockings At Layered-Nylons

Leggy brunette Zuzannah is back to tease us with her seductive allure, stripping off her tight fitting, pencil skirt and tantalizing us in layers of nylon hosiery and heels…

Zuzannah’s blue skirt was so tight, her suspenders appeared as raised bumps under the material clinging to her thighs, as she strutted around in her hose and heels.

Reclining on the bed and pulled up her skirt to reveal black suspenders, attached to blue stockings, under a layer of sheer nylon pantyhose. Her eyes twinkled as she smiled seductively and opened her legs, revealing the black oval of her pantyhose gusset, under which she was sans panties.

Stripping off her black top and blue pencil skirt, she posed in a lacy bra and her black suspenders pulled taut on the tops of her blue nylon stockings, under her sheer, nylon tights.

Zuzannah knelt on the bed and pushed her hand down the rear of her pantyhose, moving it around under the sheer nylon as she felt the soft flesh of her rounded buttocks. She then lay on her back, then slid her hand down the front of her hose and under the black oval of her gusset, to place it over her naked crotch.

Stripping off her bra, Zuzannah stood and pulled her pantyhose right up her belly as far as it will go, making the nylon gusset stretch around the mound of her naked crotch and between her shapely thighs.

See gorgous brunette Zuzannah strapping and teasing in her layers of pantyhose and stockings in this 134 images photo-set at Layered-Nylons.

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