Sarah James Seductively Teases In Her Sheer Nylon Pantyhose and Stockings Video

Sarah James looked very elegant in her long, red, evening dress which covered her body from shoulder to feet, making us anticipate what was what underneath as her hands ran over the shiny, satin material.

Sitting on the sofa, she lifted the folds of satin around her legs and caressed the intricately patterned tops of her tan, hold up stockings, which decorated her thighs under a layer of sheer, nylon pantyhose.

Sarah stood to strip off her dress, letting the heavy satin material slither and  slide over her frame, to reveal her black bustier with red floral pattern and black panties under her beige-tan, sheer nylon pantyhose.

The dress slipped down her nyloned legs and pooled on the floor around her stiletto heels, whereupon she stepped out of it and stood posing in her sexy lingerie and nylon hosiery. She then turned to give a rear view and her hands caressed her legs as she swayed her ass, encased in her sexy black lace panties and tan nylon hose.

Sarah reached behind her back to unhook unhooked the bustier and stripped it away and ran her hands over her pendulous breasts, rolling the nipples between her fingers.

See Sarah teasing in her lacy lingerie and layers of tan nylon pantyhose and stockings in this video at Layered-Nylons.

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