Tammy – Busty Blonde Teasing In Layers Of Black Pantyhose, Suspenders and Stockings

Tammy lifted her flared chiffon dress and it made a very sexy, swishing sound as it rubbed against her thighs and the surface of her black nylon pantyhose. Kneeling, she pulled up the dress to give a view of her peachy ass, her buttocks looking so erotic sheathed in sheer nylon and layered over her […]

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Summer – Sexy Secretary Teasing In Layers Of Black Pantyhose, Suspenders and Tan Stockings

Sexy secretary Summer sat and crossed her legs so the edge of her skirt slipped up her thigh and revealed black pantyhose, layered over suspenders, attached to the tops of tan nylon stockings. Stripping off her jacket, she leaned against the desk, then lifted the back of her skirt to reveal red, sheer nylon panties […]

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Rebecca Geldard – Brunette Babe Teasing In Sheer Nylon Pantyhose, Stockings and Suspenders

Rebecca’s long brunette hair fell over her shoulders and down the front of deep plunge, green satin evening dress, as she lifted it to adjust the lacy tops of her black nylon stockings. Kneeling on the chair, she gathered the folds of the dress at the back to reveal her thighs dressed in dark grey […]

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Sarah E – Beautiful Brunette Teasing In Shiny Nylon Pantyhose, Stockings and Lingerie

Sarah looked set to party in her all-in-one black dress, her legs clad in shiny nylon hosiery and a pair of diamante decoratedĀ heels on her feet. We could see the bumps of her suspenders under her tight fitting dress, which was just short enough to show the tops of her black stockings around her thighs. […]

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Ulrika – Leggy Brunette Teasing in Layers Of Black Stockings and Colored Pantyhose

Ulrika always has a big smile as she loves to dress in lingerie and nylon, so she enjoyed wearing these coloured pantyhose, black stockings with some red open-toed heels. Ulrika stood with one foot placed on the bed and her stocking tops emerged from under her dress, then leaned forward and drew her hands over […]

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Amy Green – Blonde Babe Teasing In Lacy Lingerie, Tan Stockings and Nylon Pantyhose

Beautiful blonde Amy Green lifted up her clingy dress to reveal she was wearing black suspenders attached to tan nylon stockings, all layered over beige, sheer nylon pantyhose. Those suspenders looked so tantalizing the way they pulled on the tops of her stockings, while she stood and pulled down the front of her dress to […]

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Robyn H – Secretary Teasing In Lingerie, Blue Pantyhose and Black Nylon Stockings

Even though Robyn is dressed fairly conservatively at the start of this photo set, you’ll soon discover she is wearing some exciting layers of underwear and hosiery underneath her formal office clothes. Robyn may look like any normal secretary, but when she sits on the sofa and crosses her legs, you’ll catch a glimpse of […]

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Sandra – Seductive Brunette Teasing In Layers Of Black Nylon Pantyhose and Stockings (Video)

‘Hi, I’m Sandra and I’m here again for you,’ said our alluring eastern European beauty in her most seductive voice, as she posed in her tight fitting, elegant dress, black nylon hosiery and shiny black heels. Sandra demonstrated how to tease the right way by running her hands over the curve of her ass, while […]

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Susie Grace – Busty Brunette Teasing in Layers Of Lingerie, Stockings and Pantyhose

Susie Grace looked fit to party in her tight top and revealing, leather skirt, giving us a tantalizing glimpse of the clasps of her suspenders, attached to the blue tops of her stockings. Susie pulled up the front of the skirt to show she was wearing pretty, cream coloured and black lace panties, under a […]

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Rosie W Teasing In Layers Of Lingerie, Sheer Nylon Pantyhose And Stockings Video

Rosie lifted up her short, light blue dress to reveal her matching stocking tops, giving a glimpse of the black pantie thong she was wearing under the tan gusset of her sheer hose. Sitting on the edge of the bed she ran her hands over her legs in their layers of shiny, sheer hose, then […]

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