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Carole – Seductive Brunette Teases In Black Panties, Tan Pantyhose and White Stockings (video)

Carole poses elegantly, her long brunette hair falling over the shoulders of her white dress, her slender legs in silky nylon hose and feet cream and gold, open toe heels. Sitting on the bed, she gives us a seductive smile as she gently brushes her legs together and draws her hands up to her thighs. […]

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Rachel May – Stripteasing In White Lingerie, Nylon Stockings and Black Pantyhose

Rachel posed for us, her black ‘boob tube’ exposing the naked midriff above the waist of her dog-tooth pencil skirt, her shapely legs in layers of nylon hosiery and white stiletto heels. Rachel’s ass looked so appealing as she turned to show it off, her buttocks looking so curvaceous under the material of her tight […]

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Tillie – Pretty Blonde Stripteases In Red Lingerie, Black Stockings and Pantyhose

Tillie looked super sexy as she posed in her red polo-neck dress and gave a tantalizing glimpse of her black stockings tops. Standing, she turned to show how sexy her shapely legs looked in their layers of black nylon hosiery and the contrasting red stiletto heels on her feet. Tillie reclined on the sofa and […]

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Harley – Seductive Redhead Teases In Lingerie, Stockings and Pantyhose Video

Harley just got back from a picnic party looking cute with her red hair in pigtails, wearing a pretty pink floral dress and legs in smooth tan hosiery and candy pink heels. ‘I’ll just give you a quick flash of what I’m wearing underneath,’ she says, lifting up her dress to show a frilly lace […]

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Kay – Busty Brunette Posing Topless In Lingerie, Stockings and Pantyhose

Pretty brunette Kay smiled, her breasts thrusting under the tight, black stretchy top, standing with her hands around the waist of her blue skirt, her shapely legs looking so sexy in their layers of nylon hosiery. Kay turned, looking over her shoulder as she lifted up the back of her skirt, revealing dark pink satin […]

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Rosie W – Secretary Stripteasing In Panties, Nylon Stockings and Sheer Pantyhose Video

‘Hi guys, welcome to my office,’ Rosie said, looking sexy and ready to tease in her white boob tube, blue wrap around skirt and stiletto heels. Rosie had certainly dressed to impress and parading around the office she teased by bending over the filing cabinet to show us her ass in that tight fitting skirt. […]

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Erica – Pretty Brunette Teases In Pink Lingerie, Black Pantyhose and White Stockings

Erica looks ready for a night of passion dressed in her short, black satin dressing gown, pink chemise, hosiery and heels in her latest photo-set. Erica smiles as she relaxes on the bed, allowing her satin gown to part at the front to give us a tantalizing view of her thighs in black pantyhose, layered […]

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Jenni P – Sexy Blonde Poses Topless In Black Suspenders, Stockings and Pantyhose

Blonde Jenni returns dressed so very elegantly in a black dress, nylon hosiery and stiletto heels in her 14th appearance on Layered-Nylons. Jenni stood and lifted one leg to rest her foot on the side of the bed and slowly drew back the hem of her dress to give a tantalizing view of her black […]

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Demi J – Sexy Brunette Teasing In Lacy Lingerie, Black Stockings and Sheer Nylon Pantyhose

Secretary Demi returns home after a day at the office and stripteases out of her light blue shirt, short grey skirt to pose topless in her layers of nylon hosiery in this photo-set. Demi stands and gives us some nice up-skirt views of her peach colored suspenders attached to black stocking tops, the gusset of […]

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Summer – Pretty Blonde Stripteasing In Black Lingerie, Stockings and Nylon Pantyhose Video

Pretty blonde Summer moved sensually, swaying her body as her hands caressed the outline of her curves under the tight material of her bottle green dress that clung to her shapely body. Summer snaked her hips and lifted up the hem of her dress, revealing beige sheer nylon pantyhose layered over black suspenders and stockings. […]

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